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Summary of WMSS handout from Sept 5, 2018 SCRGC Meeting

posted Sep 6, 2018, 9:32 PM by Beverly Ehlbeck   [ updated Sep 6, 2018, 9:38 PM ]

It is the true desire of the WMSS to come to a fair and equitable agreement with the SCRGC with regards to accommodation under License of Occupation 242935 of August 01, 2014.

Under a fair and negotiated in good faith agreement free of ultimatums and misinformation, the two clubs memberships can achieve a goal of mutual cooperation and co-existence while maintaining many years of established friendships.


• To specialize in family, competition oriented, and specialized shooting disciplines.

• The desire to join an established and approved shooting club within  the community shooting site since 1990    

• Unilateral decision-making within the SCRGC.  Office holders denied access to important meetings and not allowed input to the governance of the club.


  To operate a safe and approved facility for family and competition oriented shooting sports.

  To enhance the local shooting community through mutual cooperation and co-existence.

  To be a responsible and contributing member and asset of the general community.


WMSS became an approved club and range in May 1990.  In Nov 2008, the club range license was transferred to the Sunshine Coast Community Shooting site by CFO – Robert Turple -  Its third and present location.  All permits and approvals have been maintained.

In the interim years, WMSS has worked to enhance its facility and that of the community shooting site with volunteer labour and great cost.  Some of these expenditures included gates, road access, drainage and range berms.  Many of which were beneficial to the SCRGC.  Most recent improvements to the WMSS site has been range floor covering, access improvements and berm maintenance.

Much of this expense has gone directly to the community shooting site for the benefit of future site users.

Today WMSS believe in their right to exist, sharing the community shooting site as independent and cooperative neighbours.


Several attempts have been made over the last many months to reach an agreement between the SCRGC and WMSS regarding the WMSS range within the Sunshine Coast Shooting Site.

The associated meetings soon turned non-productive amid allegations and suggested intimidation, despite having reached agreement on several key issues.

Subsequent to this failure, WMSS has been in contact with BC Lands to ensure the required agreement meets conditions for the consent to grant a sub-license, and will modify its proposal accordingly.

It is the position of WMSS that they have been dealt with unfairly nor negotiated with in good faith.  Being presented a “non-negotiable” agreement followed by questionable illegal activities has now involved various government agencies and the RCMP.

WMSS today still remain about moving forward and reaching the much talked about equitable and fair agreement with SCRGC.

Beverly Ehlbeck,
Sep 6, 2018, 9:36 PM