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WMSS News Updates

posted Feb 3, 2019, 1:01 PM by Western Metallic Silhouette Society   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 1:09 PM ]
WMSS News Update
Here are some recent updates and events happening around the Western Metallic Silhouette Society (WMSS).

 l  Very happy to report the respective negotiating teams from WMSS and SCRGC for the  granting of a sub license to the License of Occupation have had their first meet & greet             session. A very positive session with some discussion on higher level items to be  addressed at our future meetings. A thank you to the members of both teams.

l  A reminder that all pertinent documentation for the safe and legal operation of our gun range, including Liability Insurance, is available on the WMSS website. This to dispel the misinformation being circulated we lack proper documentation or inspections.

l  Regret to report on the eve of negotiations the WMSS security gate has again been vandalized and locks cut off. Further to this there has been illegal entry onto the site and illegal removal of timber. The RCMP and Forestry have been notified. We have been advised by the RCMP this constitutes Trespassing. There will be further updates to this at a later date.

l  WMSS believe these are the acts of individuals and not condoned by the majority of SCRGC members and will continue to positively move forward.

l  Despite some of these disappointments WMSS still believes in and strives for a fair and equitable agreement as independent but cooperative neighbours with the SCRGC as required by the LOC.